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magnetic levitation toys display racks
Source: Author: PDA Clicks:  Release date: 2020-06-10 10:22
1.Maglev levitation toy display placement
    Hold the ball with both hands, align the center of the ball with the center of the base, and slowly lower it from a high place. When you feel suction or repulsion, fine-tune the position of Iron Man. However, when the weight of the two-handed ball is reduced and the suspension is successful, you can slowly withdraw your hands. Push the ball gently to complete the rotation.

2. Reasons why it may not be placed
    1. Low battery
    2. The battery's positive and negative poles are installed incorrectly
    3. Patience is not enough
Seven, matters needing attention
    1. After the power is turned on, the base has a large suction force. Be careful not to attract Iron Man's strong force to the base.
    2. When not playing, hold down Iron Man with both hands before turning off the power.
    3. Turn off the power when not in use for a long time.
    4. In any case, Iron Man and the base should be placed separately.
    5. Iron Man has no movable joints throughout his body, and no hard flaps.
    6. The power required for suspension comes from 8 batteries of the fifth size. This product requires the buyer to prepare the battery by himself. Please understand.

3. After-sales service
    If it is found that the produced PDA  have passed a continuous 48-hour suspension test before leaving the factory to ensure product quality. After receiving the goods, the customer should inspect the packaging, the appearance of the product for damage, the quality problem within three days, non-human factors, PDA promises free return. And one year warranty, long-term free technical consultant services.



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