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magnetic levitation display rack factory and supplier
Source: Author: PDA Clicks:  Release date: 2020-09-16 16:31
Magnetic levitation display racks are also known as levitation display racks, magnetic levitation promotion racks,
portable exhibition equipment and magnetic levitation data racks. According to the characteristics of the product,
the promotion display rack is designed to match it, coupled with the creative LOGO sign, so that the product is prominently
displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product advertising. Since the product is suspended in the air,
the magnetic force and gravity are offset, and only the air resistance is affected, so after giving the product an initial speed,
it can be rotated continuously, which increases the display effect.
  The small and exquisite display rack is easy to carry and easy to participate in various exhibitions.

PA-0920 ----levitation bottom 2kg display rack 


1.base size:25*25*4cm

2.material:acrylic +stainless steel mirror top 

3.levitation distance 50mm

4.levitation weight 0-2KGS

5.base with 4 led light 

6.levitation object: shoes, bottle ,carton ,or other product below 2KG 

7.base bulit in battery ,it can be wirless charging . charge 4 hours ,work up to 12 hours.

PDA(shenzhen)technology CO., LTD

is a  professional and reliable OEM/ODM magnetic levitation display rack actory in Shenzhen since 2008.

we manufacture and supply we produce are as follows:

●levitation air bonsai
● levitation cup
● levitation globe
● levitaiton lamp
● levitation moon lamp
● levitaiton helmet
● magnetic levitation levitation display (levitation 1kg, levitation 2kg ,levitation3kg, levitation bottle ,levitation shoes )
●customize any magnetic levitation display according to client' product .

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PDA(shenzhen)technology CO., LTD