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how to opertaiton magnetic levitation air bonsai
Source: Author: PDA Clicks:  Release date: 2020-09-24 10:06

how to opertation levitation air bonsai : 

1. put the base on an absolutely horizontal surface. If the surface is not flat and horizontal, the base can't  levitating.

2. Hold  flowerpot with two hands and put fingers under the flowerpot to hold tight the flowerpot ,move the flowerpot vertically downwards the center of the base.

3. Make the pot approach the center of the base slowly, and please move it towards left and right, or front and back to get to the levitating point.

4. When you feel a strong force which is holding the flowerpot from the base, this position is the right levitation position. Release the flowerpot gently.

5. You can plant any  plant in the flowerpot .

6. When watering the plant, please don’t drop water on the base. If the base get wet, please dry it.

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